Bassmaster Fishing 2022

Bassmaster Fishing 2022: Summer of Bass!

Summer is well and truly here - which means BBQs in the sun, sand, ice cream, suntan lotion, beaches, and Hawaiian shirts. To celebrate the summer months between today (July 8) and August 31 join in the fun with the SUMMER OF BASS Mastery event in *Bassmaster Fishing 2022.

The Rewards

By taking part in the Summer of Bass you will be able to unlock some brand-new cosmetic items, including the very first short sleeve shirts to be available in Bassmaster Fishing 2022, and some special aviator sunglasses!
By completing Tier 1 of the Mastery, you’ll receive the Sunrise outfit. This includes a hat, short sleeve shirt, shorts, shoes, and boat wrap. Check them out! (You’ll need to complete Tier 2 to unlock the aviators though!)
For the first time, we have a Community Challenge for players to work together on achieving. If you are successful, you’ll get the Sunset range of items and they look pretty cool too, perfect for hitting the pool bar for a Piña Colada before dinner!

The Challenges

During the event, we have 2 tiers of Mastery for you to complete to unlock some brand new items and, for the first time since the launch of Bassmaster Fishing 2022, we have a community challenge for everyone to contribute towards. Let’s take a look at the challenges.
Tier 1
  • St. Johns River – Catch 3 fish weighing over 5lbs
  • Toledo bend – Catch a fish
  • Chickamauga Lake – Achieve 4 Perfect Strikes
  • Lake Guntersville – Cast out 10 times
  • Sabine River – Catch 4 Largemouth or Spotted Bass
  • St. Lawrence River – Catch 3 Salmon or Trout
  • Lake Ray Roberts – Catch 3 Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass
  • Lake Hamilton – Catch 3 fish weighing less than 6lbs
Tier 2
  • Summer Striking – Achieve 15 Perfect Strikes (any venue)
  • Summer of Bass – Catch 20 Qualifying Bass (any venue)
Community Challenge
  • Work together to catch 250,000 fish before August 31
The Summer of Bass is live right now and you have until August 31 to complete all the challenges. Good luck and have fun.
Note: *The Summer of Bass is not available to players on Nintendo Switch
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Bassmaster Fishing 2022
Bassmaster Fishing 2022: Summer of Bass!