Bassmaster Fishing 2022


Hi there Anglers,
We have just released a game update for all platforms*.
As Summer begins to give way to Fall and the last real-world Elite of the season at Mississippi comes to an end, we’re here with another update for Bassmaster Fishing 2022!
Let’s jump straight into it.


  • Gameplay – Players will now be able to see other players turn and move in Online Public Servers and Bassmaster Royale matches
  • Gameplay – Improvements made to the position of hands on the Max X Spinning Reel, Revo SX Low Profile Reel, and Zenon Spinning Reel
  • Gameplay – Increased the population of qualifying bass species on Jordan Lake and Lake Seminole
  • Fish Behaviour – Changes have been made to encourage fish to spread out between points of interest
  • Fish Behaviour - Improvements made to restrict fish from being able to appear to be swimming vertically in the water and behaviour will be less erratic
  • Fish Behaviour - The time of day activity curve has been adjusted for all qualifying bass species to make them more active during the quietest times of day
  • Customization – Improved Throwback Jacket models to prevent clipping
  • Online Tournaments – Water temperatures during online tournaments will now always be the same for everyone
  • Online Tournaments – Resolved an issue causing a pop-up informing players of their rewards to constantly pop-up
  • Audio – Improvements made to lures splashing when hitting the water and, have added fish fighting sounds when the fish are near the surface of the water, leaping or splashing whilst on the line
  • UI – Resolved an issue causing the Catch Summary screen to not show the locations of where fish were caught
  • PS4 – Resolved an issue where the use of the Trolling Motor in some cases caused a crash


  • Online – Resolved an issue causing other players on the venue to appear with no clothing
  • AI Balancing - Elite & Classic events in the Career mode have been made slightly easier
  • Snagging – the snagging mini-game will now start either when the player Strikes or after 2 seconds of reeling after a snag has occurred
  • Lake Hartwell – Resolved an issue where when a player selects the time of day of 11:00 it changes to 08:00
  • Character – Improvements made to anglers’ facial expressions
  • Customization – Fixed an issue causing the mesh material to not show when a character is wearing a trucker hat
  • Trolling Motor – PC – Resolved an issue causing the Trolling Motor from deploying on first use
  • Followers – Adjusted the number of followers gained when catching fish


  • Bassmaster Royale – Resolved an issue causing the UI to not appear during Bassmaster Royale games
  • Bassmaster Royale – Improvements made to the “Biggest Bass” pop-up during Bassmaster Royale games
  • Bassmaster Royale - At the end of a Bassmaster Royale game the stats screen will now only show the total weight of qualifying species
  • Career Mode – Resolved an issue preventing the reward item image to load when starting the Bassmaster Opens at St. Johns River
  • Character Customization – improvements have been made to speed up loading times when scrolling between cosmetic items
  • Character Customization – Body weight slider will no longer revert to default when accessing different customization screens
  • Mastery – Moved the text widget to prevent an overlap when a mastery item is unlocked
  • Online – Time Of Day has been removed from the options in online modes
  • HUD – Resolved an issue where a player changing the HUD from Advanced to Full caused UI to become stuck on screen
  • Career Mode – Resolved an issue preventing players from being able to scroll down the leaderboard


  • PS4/5 – Resolved an issue causing crashes when a player downloads DLC
  • PS4/5 – Resolved an issue causing crashes when booting the game
Thank you as ever to everyone who is playing and enjoying the game, as well as providing us with continued feedback, we are listening. We hope that we can continue to improve Bassmaster Fishing 2022 and we’ll keep you updated on future updates.
*(excluding Nintendo Switch – we will let you know about an update coming soon). Tight Lines!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022