Bassmaster Fishing 2022

The History of Lake Guntersville

The next round of the Online Open Series kicks off on September 9th, this time on Alabama's Lake Guntersville. With over 4 million fish caught by players here in Bassmaster Fishing 2022, Guntersville is clearly a great place for in-game anglers, but what about in reality? We take a look at the history behind the one of Bassmaster®'s regular Elite Series™ venues.
At the end of the 18th century, a small area of Marshall County provided the location for John Gunter's general store and ferry at what would be known as Gunter's Landing. The town of Guntersville was also founded and named after John, who passed away in 1835. Just over 100 years later, further west along the Tennessee River, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal secured the building of the Guntersville Dam and hydroelectric plant, helping form in 1939 what we know today as Lake Guntersville - Alabama's largest lake.
Public Domain image (cropped 16:9) showing Guntersville Dam from the air c.1939
The Dam's impact on the surrounding area for agriculture and industry transformed the area's ecomony, bringing new settlers to the lakeside towns and with them the want for recreation and relaxation. Bass fishing became a popular pastime and today the fishing from the settlements around Lake Guntersville is known to be some of best in the country.
As a result, Bassmaster® has regularly staged competition on the lake - a total of 26 times throughout the sport's history, including Elite Series™ events and the 2014 and 2020 Bassmaster® Classics. The town of Scottsboro becomes the focal point for much of the event, located roughly half way between the lake's extremes of Guntersville and Bridgeport.
Guntersville and the surrounding bodies of water towards the southern reaches of Lake Guntersville. Public Domain image by Nathan Anderson, via Unsplash.
In recent events, the extreme ends of Lake Guntersville have provided a wide selection of locations for winning catches, with last year's top anglers sticking to the northern reaches and defying the trend of previous years, where the southern creeks and inlets provided good hauls of bass. A factor in May 2021 that skewed the success up north was the abundance of eel grass, which allowed anglers to hang in vast fields waiting for big bass to leap out and take the bait.
Eventual winner of last year's Elite, Caleb Kuphall seen amongst the greenery on Day 4 of the 2021 Elite Series™ event at Lake Guntersville. Photo by: B.A.S.S.® / Seigo Saito
The waters in-game are also focused around Scottsboro and a number of hotspots lie in and around the inlets of Dry Creek and along the western shore south of Veterans Drive. See how well you get on in Alabama during this year's Online event.
Click here for details of the online event, including dates and times for each round. It all kicks off from Sept 9th!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022
The History of Lake Guntersville