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Toledo Bend Online Open Series Winner Announced

The Toledo Bend Online Open Series has come to a dramatic end! For the second month in a row we’ve had the biggest event ever with over 2,100 anglers taking part. Make sure you read to the end of this article for news on the next tournament!
Let’s remind ourselves of what went down across the intense 3 rounds of competition in the Lake Toledo Bend Online Open Series!


Round 1 saw one of our biggest limits to date, and as you’ll see later WestleynMonkey secured the coveted MONSTER BAG for this event with 81lbs. We also saw a community legend in second place who goes by the name of Bigtimer J.

Round 2: From 10th to 1st!

MrRichC has a blinding Round 2 taking him from 10th in Round 1 straight to the top in Round 2. Bigtimer J manages to maintain 2nd place while WestleynMonkey despite having a great Round 2 score slips down to 5th. In 6th we see a Sw1fty86TTV who has already won two of these events back to back!

Round 3: Out of nowhere!

Round 3, Championship Weekend, and it looked like there was potential for a 2-way battle for the number 1 spot between MrRichC and Bigtimer J. But there is always the possibility that someone has an absolute stormer in Round 3.
Here are the Super Six (the top 6 anglers) from the Toledo Bend Online Open Series!
A huge congratulations to Rustyfishpro who until Round 3 hadn’t even featured in the top 3 but came in with a MASSIVE 80lb 13oz which launched them to the number 1 spot and is the first Bassmaster Fishing 2022 online tournament win for Rustyfishpro.
We spoke to Rustyfishpro after his win to ask a few questions!
Benjamin – Congratulations on your Toledo Bend Online Open Series win, Rustyfishpro. What does the win mean to you?
Rustyfishpro - Winning my first Online Open Series feels great! It feels amazing that all the time and practice I’ve put in has finally paid off and it feels good! Benjamin – How do you prepare for these events?
Rustyfishpro – Practice. I spend about 2 hours before each attempt fishing the venue, trying new setups, lures, and spots to try and get the absolute most out of my attempts.
Benjamin – What was your go-to load out during the Toledo Bend Online Open Series?
Rustyfishpro – I really like the Fitzgerald rods and reels. I also use the Fitzgerald Fishing 40lb braided, black line (I am sponsored by Fitzgerald too which means I don’t need to pay for these items which is super useful). I got a lot of success using Diving Crank Baits like the 101 Baby Bass and the Wally Divers.
Benjamin – Finally, What advice would you give to players who have their sights set on winning one of our online tournaments?
Rustyfishpro – The advice I would give to a new player would be to be patient. Spend time at each venue learning where the fish are using a variety of lures to see what works for you.
Think about where you’re fishing, in shallow areas top water baits work well. Try different reel speeds to get your lure in the zone. Most importantly though, have fun and don't get frustrated (we all do sometimes) walk away, and come back. The more time you put into in, the better you’ll get!

Monster Bag

MONSTER BAG! This is the angler who had the biggest bag from across all 3 rounds of the competition.
Congratulations to WestleynMonkey on an INSANE 81lb limit in Round 1!
Congratulations to all the anglers who took part in the Toledo Bend Online Open Series. Who’s ready for the next one?
It’s Elite time! Between July 14-17 the REAL-WORLD 2022, Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at St. Lawrence River is taking place, what better to host our very own St. Lawrence River Online Elite Series tournament. Round 1 will begin on Friday, July 1 at 08:00 BST / 12:00 PST.
Good luck, and tight lines
Bassmaster Fishing 2022
Toledo Bend Online Open Series Winner Announced