CATAN - Console Edition


Welcome Catanians, to the first CATAN – Console Edition Roadmap. Our goal is to have a Roadmap once every three months where we will discuss all things the future of the game. This will include quality-of-life improvements, new features, new content, and more.
The roadmap will be broken into three chapters.
  • Next Turn: Content we expect to release in the next 3 months.
  • On the Horizon: Content we’re actively developing and will likely come 3-6 months from now
  • Longest Road: Content that’s in the planning or early stages of development that will likely be coming 6 months plus from now.
As with any roadmap, everything we are about to discuss is subject to change and may end up coming later (or, sometimes earlier!) than expected. There is plenty to be excited about so let’s roll on into it! You can watch the video version of the Roadmap here or if you prefer, keep scrolling to read all about it instead.

The Lowdown

If you’re anything like me and you don’t want to watch a video or read an article and you just like looking at pictures. This picture ↓ gives you an overview of what’s to come. Want more information? Keep scrolling!

Next Turn

Next turn is content we expect to release in the next 3 months.
Since releasing on February 23rd, we have seen loads of fantastic feedback from you, our resident Catanians. We wanted to start things off by talking about some of the suggestions and quality of life changes and improvements we have been working on based on your suggestions.
By far the most common suggestion has been for a turn timer in online multiplayer games. We understand the importance of being able to keep games moving - and we want to make sure our version of the Turn Timer is functional, sensible, and customisable. To ensure this is the case we wanted the turn timer to do a few things.
  1. It needs to be visually represented in-game so it’s clear for all players how long is left on a turn.
  2. We are adding a 3-strike system. If a player fails to complete their turn within the allotted 90 seconds, 3 times, they will be removed from the game and replaced by an AI player.
  3. Customisable to give you the freedom to define turn limits when in local games and private online games
When joining the Online Multiplayer Queue this 90-second timer system will always be present as default. For local games and private online games via the Join/Create menu, there will be various options for you to customise turn timer limits, giving you options when playing with friends and family! We expect to have the turn timer out around the middle to end of April.
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out patch notes on our website, we have a dedicated section called Your Feedback where we keep you up to date on what we are working on based on your feedback. You can also read these from the in-game news that you can access via Profile on the main menu.
As I’m sure you are all aware CATAN is at its core a 3-4 player game, but it can be expanded to cater for up to 5-6 players and that is exactly what we are going to do. This will expand the island of CATAN with an additional 11 terrain hexes.
This will come at no extra cost to all players who own either the standard or Deluxe editions of CATAN – Console Edition. We will share lots more details on this as we get closer to it coming to game.

On The Horizon

On the Horizon is content we’re actively developing and will likely come 3-6 months from now
Our first expansion is coming for CATAN – Console Edition in the shape of a Helpers of CATAN Add-on. Some of you may already be familiar with this expansion, but for those who aren’t, Helpers of CATAN will work with the 5-6 player extension of CATAN – Console Edition and adds 12, very helpful new characters who provide special abilities you can use throughout your game. For example, let’s say the robber is on your wheat hex, on your turn before you roll the dice you can use the Digur card – by doing so you can move the robber back to the desert and collect one grain resource from that hex in the process!
More information, release dates and all that fun stuff will be revealed at a later date.

Longest Road

Longest Road is content that’s in the early stages of development that will likely be coming 6 months plus from now.
If you were to spend a few minutes perusing our social channels (@dtgboardgames by the way), you will likely spot a common theme in the comments that many, many, many of you have been asking for.
And what is that you ask? “Is CATAN – Console Edition coming to Nintendo Switch?”. Well, we are very happy to now be able to say YES. CATAN – Console Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch and is actively in development as we speak by the team at Nomad Games. We’ll have more information and specifics on this in the future but for now, Nintendo Switch players, rejoice in this glorious news.
Now as this add-on is some way out, we’re going to be keeping our cards a little closer to our chests, we wouldn’t want any robbers banging on our door. What we can say is that we are working on a LARGE expansion for CATAN – Console Edition and we will hopefully be able to provide you with more details on this in our next Roadmap, three months from now.
That’s the end of the road for our first Roadmap, we hope you’re as excited about the future of CATAN – Console Edition as we are. If you aren’t already follow us across our social at @DTGBoardgames to stay up to date with all things CATAN – Console Edition. For now though, see you down the road, Catanians.
CATAN - Console Edition