CATAN - Console Edition

What is CATAN?

A-ha! You're here! The latest cohort of willing subjects landing right here on Catan. Gather round, don't be shy! You’ll soon be making yourselves at home.
You do look a little a puzzled though. Fear not! I'm here to help. You may call me Captain Beard - resident tour guide and helper to all! I've been here for a long time so know a thing or two about how to get around. So, first thing's first...

What is CATAN®?

This 'ere island emerged for the depths, tempting in voyagers from the high seas. You won't find it on your fancy Google Maps though. It's a land of opportunity, of trading, of settling and planning. And the weather isn't bad either!
Those that settled - the first Catanians - found a bountiful land full of resources! Over time, they sought to build their own settlements and roads, acquire these abundant resources and gain Knights to move The Robber (more on that later). A great deal of strategic settling has seen much contest and rivalry over the years... I've managed to remain a spectator, which is probably for the best.
But now you're here, it's your turn! Consider yourself naturalised citizens of Catan - no paperwork necessary!

What do I do here?

The aim of the game is to out-settle other Catanians. There are many ways to do this, but having observed the process plenty of times before, it essentially comes down to: Acquiring Resources, Building Settlements, Roads and Cities and Trading with fellow Catanians.
The island has plenty of tools at your disposal to do this and as you get into the way of life here, you’ll find the experience enjoyable, fun and often challenging. Strategy is key to all this and if you execute it well, with maybe a little bit of luck thrown in, you’ll be able to claim victory on CATAN.

What can I find here?

Take a look around and see what there is to gather. Have you got any 6-sided die with you? Here – take mine. There's two of them and they’re magic, honest! And once they're rolled, you’ll get a better idea of what you’ll be in for and Resources will come your way. A lot of this will depend on where you decide to settle on the island – or if you’re not sure, I’m sure we can point you in the right direction.
I'm always forgetting which resources are best for what, so here... take this list that I definitely didn't scribble down five minutes before you arrived:
  • Ore: Used to build Cities and buy Development Cards
  • Grain: Used to build Settlements, Cities and buy Development Cards
  • Lumber: Used to build Roads and Settlements
  • Brick: Used for Roads and Settlements
  • Wool: Used to build Settlements and buy Development Cards
As you can see, these resources can build all kinds of things, from Roads (where you're going, you definitely need roads) to Settlements and even Cities! They're also very useful for Trading with other Catanians and buying Development Cards. Different amounts of resources are required for different purposes so be sure to remember how much you need for each.
Development Cards are really handy for boosting your chances on the island and can allow you such privileges as taking all of one resource type from other Catanians, building roads for free and more!

Who else is here?

We're certainly not the only ones on this island. The Robber, for example is a mischievous so-and-so, going round taking resources from Catanians and moving around when one Catanian gets on their good side! Top tip for you, The Robber likes the number 7 – maybe it’s a superstitious thing? You may need to remember that.
Trading with the locals is also a tricky business and those behind the Maritime Trades drive a hard bargain! You should only really go to them when no one else will trade with you, but sometimes, needs must. 4x Ore for 1x Lumber?! You’ve got to be joking...
You'll also find trading Harbours, where better trades can be found, but only if you build your settlements next to them. Harbours often specialise in particular resources, so plan ahead when you think you might know which one will be most advantageous. 2x Wool for 1x Lumber isn’t so bad if that’s what you need.
But perhaps the best trades are those done with your fellow Catanians, whether you know them or not. You know... 'supply and demand', 'you scratch their back and they'll scratch yours'? That's the idea anyway. They might swindle you out of everything. But that's on you.
Thankfully, not everyone on Catan is out to rob or cheat you. Of course, there's me! The perky and loveable Captain Beard! And the Sheep who provide the Wool!

How long am I here for?

You're here as long as you need to be in order to settle. No, really. Once you've out-settled your fellow Catanians and scored enough points, you're free to leave! Those with the Longest Roads, Largest Armies and plentiful Settlements will likely out-score your fellow inhabitants and once that's the case you can claim Victory and brag about it as much as you like. We have a very simple points system here and 10 is the magic number. The first to hit 10 points is victorious!
But naturally the allure of Catan is great and powerful. Those that succeed will wish to succeed again, against new Catanians, different kinds of Catanians, Catanians they're friends with, or related to. I've heard of a festive tradition whereby families get together and argue about play games and CATAN sounds perfect for that. Time and time again, it will draw you back - no two visits to the island are ever the same...
... which makes my time here so interesting! I just sit back and watch it all. If we had popcorn on CATAN, I'd be eating it.
Anyway, that's enough from me for now. I think you know the basics and if not, I'll write all this down somewhere for you to refer back to. There's plenty of other Catanians to ask too, so don't be shy – you can find them here.
And for those who've found this but yet to land on Catan, learn more here: CATAN - Console Edition.
See you on the road!
CATAN - Console Edition
What is CATAN?