Fishing Sim World

Community Response Update Out Now

Hi all,
Thank you for all your amazing feedback so far since the launch of Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour.
Our Community Response Update is our first update since the release of Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour and aims to address some of the most commonly reported issues we have had so far including adding unlimited time back in to multiplayer, fixing the area of Lake Miller with no water and the items from the equipment pack not displaying correctly.
Here's the full list of issues that we have fixed with this update:
  • Unlimited session length added in Multiplayer
  • Section of Lake Miller with no water
  • Owned equipment appears at the top of the list in the default sort
  • Named Trophy fish weight not being tracked under species best weight
  • Character wearing double hat during when wearing career outfit in other game modes
  • TP displayed does not decrease when purchasing
  • Bollies in equipment pack cannot be used in the Throwing Stick or Spod rod
  • End of Career Mode event - Player profile image not displaying on screen
  • Event Calendar end of season - UI prompts missing from multiple screens
  • DFL series leaderboards were showing global scores
  • Lake Dylan offline bass tournament - The offline tournaments based at Lake Dylan "Minnesota Mega Bass" all appear to take the player into a free flying camera option and do not display the opening cinematic, causing player to restart the game
  • Career mode event, restart round - Pressing restart button after already restarting the round appears to keep reloading the title card, can cause cut scene to break and prevent gameplay
  • Various crash fixes
Fishing Sim World
Community Response Update Out Now