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Dovetail Fishing League May 2020 Angler of the Month

The final week has left us with some unbelievably close finishes in the May 2020 Dovetail Fishing League Season. It has been a great effort from everyone taking part and June promises to be another fantastic month in the DFL.

Xbox One

DazzerB05 sealed the series win in the Big Bass Tour with a win at Lake Williams in week 4. It was a win for Assassin8331 in the final week of the Carp Championship but they were not able to reel in series winner mafioso filho in the end. AlbertTrotter closed out the season with a win in the Match Series at Wraysbury 1 South Lake as Bigtimer J was crowned the series winner. A win in week 4 at Laguna Iquitos for Bigtimer J allowed him to secure the win in the Predator Challenge.
The Angler of the Month for the May 2020 Dovetail Fishing League season is Bigtimer J! Two series wins and strong placements in the other series give him the win overall this month.

Angler of the Month: l Bigtimer J

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: DazzerB05
Carp Championship: mafioso filho
Match Series: l Bigtimer J l
Predator Challenge: l Bigtimer J l

PlayStation 4

It was a good month for SMOKEYMON-G-313 in the Big Bass Tour, they just missed out on 4 straight wins as kartoffel6 took the week 4 victory but his performances in the previous weeks were enough to take the series win. SMOKEYMON-G-313 finished ahead of Johnnij87 in week 4 to be able to move clear of them and take the win in the Carp Championship by just 12 points. MLT24's win was not quite enough to bring them level with the leaders. If the Carp Championship was close, the Match Series was something else! There were only 4 points separating our top 3 and the series win decided by a single point. MLT24 took the week 4 win to rocket into first place and claim the win in the series. In the Predator Challenge, SMOKEYMON-G-313 was able to make sure of the series win with a victory in week 4.
Congratulations to our PlayStation 4 Angler of the Month for May - SMOKEYMON-G-313! Three series wins and second place in the Match Series give him a comfortable win in the end in the global standings.

Angler of the Month: SMOKEYMON-G-313

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: SMOKEYMON-G-313
Carp Championship: SMOKEYMON-G-313
Match Series: MLT24
Predator Challenge: SMOKEYMON-G-313


A massive congratulations needs to go to MilkinBad this month. Follwing a dominant performance in the final week of the season they are crowned not just Angler of the Month but the season winner across each series as well. Who will be challenging them in the June Dovetail Fishing League season?

Angler of the Month: MilkinBad

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: MilkinBad
Carp Championship: MilkinBad
Match Series: MilkinBad
Predator Challenge: MilkinBad
We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that continues to take part in the Dovetail Fishing League each week and also congratulations to all of our winners. June should be another great month in the Dovetail Fishing League.
Before we go let's see where the June season will be starting us off in week 1 with our tournament details.
Big Bass Tour: A favourite location for many bass anglers and the host venue for the Bassmaster Classic multiple times, we are heading to Lake Guntersville this week in the Big Bass Tour. This sunset tournament has clear skies so get out there and get the best bag of 5 bass you can.
Carp Championship: A holiday destination and a famous fishing lake in one, Gillhams Fishing Resort is playing host to the Carp Championship this week with an afternoon tournament under clear skies.
Match Series: Manor Farm at the Linear Fisheries Complex is our location of choice for the Match Series in week 1. A morning of heavy rain is forecast for this tournament but don't let the conditions put you off.
Predator Challenge: This week's Predator Challenge is being held at Lake Jordan, a regular fixture on the real world bass tours. Sunrise with dynamic clouds means you may have to try out different lures for success here.
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Dovetail Fishing League May 2020 Angler of the Month