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Player Profile - Phil Lokken

Phil Lokken
Bass Angler
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Fishing for me is a seasonal thing, I fish spring through fall and it is currently -10 degrees F in Minnesota and the lakes are frozen over.
I am not an Ice fisherman, so I live for open water!
I love to fish as often as I can. When I was a kid I would go fishing with my Dad a few times a week and couldn’t wait until he got home and hooked up the boat, when he couldn’t go…I would hop on my bicycle and head to the nearest lake. When I was able to get a nice Bass boat I started out by joining a fishing club associated with the Minnesota Bass Federation, I am a lifetime member of the B.A.S.S. federation and have fished in club tournaments over the years and qualified to fish the State Tournament for 7 years, being the club champion a few of those years, for a chance to move on to regionals, but that is as far as I ever got.
IF you can keep moving on, winning tournaments…you can get to fish in the BIG one…Bass Master Classic! That is the path Mike Iaconelli took and the rest is history. I would recommend joining a fishing club, you will really learn a lot!
Now when I am in town, I fish the local lakes as much as I can and I try to fish as many out of town money tournaments with my brother who lives in Northern Minnesota. A couple of my highlights, tournaments that stand out are, fishing the Silverado Pro Am Bass tournament in 2010 as an amateur in a season series and placed first over all on the Am side.
And more recently winning the West Central Bass Masters tournament in 2017 with my brother and landing “big fish” for the day.
Who am I? I am Passionate about fishing and addicted to video games, well…mostly sports and fishing video games! As much as I love fishing, I have no interest in Ice fishing!
I have lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota my whole life. I am now a machine operator by trade, Husband for 28 years and a Dad to two sons. My current fishing boat is a 929 Nitro 21’ Bass boat with a 225hp Mercury motor.
When Dovetail contacted me to make a player profile for their Facebook page I was happy to do it. I have really been enjoying this game! It is so realistic…just like fishing a real tournament!
In September a friend of mine mentioned a new fishing game coming out and I was very skeptical. Previous games I have played were cheesy, terrible graphics and not realistic at all.
I went on Playstation LIVE to watch some live broadcasts of people playing the game, it looked very promising!
I purchased the game, started playing and just couldn’t stop! I wanted to find all the good spots on all the lakes, get all the available upgrades and lures so I could compete in the Online Bass tournaments. Which I have been doing pretty well in each week! I am currently in second place for the monthly Bass series standings, just points behind the leader with one tournament to go. So exciting!!!
I spend many hours playing this game each week, I love how realistic it is. The graphics are awesome, the sun reflecting off of the water actually blinds you like you are on a real lake at sunrise or sunset and the fish look amazing!
I love the realism of this game, You might go to a spot one day and think you have them dialed in and go back the next time and they are gone, depending on weather conditions, and time of day. With this games online tournaments… I get a rush just like being in a real live tournament. If I lose a big fish I am heartbroken! Just like real life!!
Fighting a fish is a little bit hard at first, but it makes it fun because you have a tension meter and you have to play the fish, not just set the hook and reel them in!
Yes, you do catch a lot of Big bass in this game that is not true to real life, but I think that is a good thing…if a big fish in this game was 5-8 pounds, I don’t think the players would get as much of a fun experience out of it.
There is just something about hooking into a 14-15 pounder in an online Bass tournament that just gets your heart pounding because you know you must get him in the boat!
Currently I am playing on two systems, that’s how much I love this game! You can find me at:
  • On PS4 I am @ PhillyBass-1965
  • On XBOX I am @ PhillyBass 1965
Thanks for reading my post, Tight lines everyone!!
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Player Profile - Phil Lokken
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