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Pro Tour - July 2020 Angler of the Month

August has begun and with it we have started a new season in the Dovetail Fishing League. Before we look to the events of the August season, let's find out who the winners for July were.

Xbox One

We had some tense finishes in the final week of the season on Xbox. Bobcin3 did enough to hold off the chasing pack and take the win in the Big Bass Tour. Assassin8331 made sure of the Carp Championship title by taking third in the final week. A last ditch dash to the line proved crucial for WicksySPY442 as he was our winner in the Match Series. He was also able to knock Assassin off the top spot to take the Predator Challenge series with a win in the final week. The two series wins and strong finishes elsewhere mean that WicksySPY442 is the July Angler of the Month! Congratulations to him!

Angler of the Month: WicksySPY442

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: bobcin3
Carp Championship: Assassin8331
Match Series: WicksySPY442
Predator Challenge: WicksySPY442

PlayStation 4

There was still plenty to play for heading in to the final week on PlayStation. MLT24 was able to hold off those around him to come out with the victory in the Big Bass Tour. SMOKEYMON-G-313 confirmed his place as the Carp Championship winner with a third place finish in the final week. A shared victory with Ginger-Beard90 made sure of the Match Series win. Despite the best efforts of MLT24, SMOKEYMON-G-313 was also able to come out on top in the Predator Challenge. Congratulations to our Angler of the Month SMOKEYMON-G-313! Three series wins and a second place in the Big Bass Tour give him the overall victory this month.

Angler of the Month: SMOKEYMON-G-313

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: MLT24
Carp Championship: SMOKEYMON-G-313
Match Series: SMOKEYMON-G-313
Predator Challenge: SMOKEYMON-G-313


On Steam we see another angler with a hat-trick of series wins this month. Starting off with the Big Bass Tour, MilkinBad took a win in week 4 for a comfortable victory for the series. Stoner.M made sure he couldn't be caught as he took a win in the final week of the Carp Championship which seals his win in the series. MilkinBad took his second series of the month as he comes out on top in the Match Series. He also took the win in the Predator Challenge following a clean sweep of the tournaments for this month. Three series wins and a very close second place give MilkinBad the Angler of the Month title. Congratulations to MilkinBad!

Angler of the Month: MilkinBad

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: MilkinBad
Carp Championship: Stoner.M
Match Series: MilkinBad
Predator Challenge: MilkinBad
Congratulations to all of our winners and good luck to everyone as we move in to our August season. Let's see where we'll be headed for the first week of this season.
Big Bass Tour: We kick off the Big Bass Tour season with a night time tournament on Lake Arnold. There's light cloud over head in this one.
Carp Championship: Heavy rain is forecast as we start the Carp Championship with a sunrise tournament on Gigantica Main Lake.
Match Series: Florida is our destination as Lake Johnson plays host to the first round of the Match Series. You'll be fishing at sunset with dynamic weather in this one.
Predator Challenge: Week 1 of the Predator Challenge takes us to Lake Jordan. Popular on the bass tours but also a great lake for predator fishing. It's a clear morning here.
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Pro Tour - July 2020 Angler of the Month