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Where to find trophy fish

In Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour each of our lakes has its own set of named trophy fish. We want you as a community to help each other in finding the boss fish on our US lakes. As the named trophies will only be found in specific areas you'll need to search the lakes to find them. When you catch a trophy fish. Let us know where and we will update this article with a location.

Lake Guntersville

Marshall - Largemouth bass - 17lb 7oz

Area south of Polecat Hollow.
Found by Mitchell McWhirter.

Mardi - Spotted bass - 8lb 0oz

Near Davidson Hollow.

Hunley - Spotted bass - 8lb 2oz

To the east of the eastern bridge on the lake.

Payne - Channel catfish - 40lb 6oz

Near Lindsay Hollow.

Weevil - Black crappie - 4lb 6oz

North of Lindsay Hollow.

Cheaha - Largemouth bass - 17lb 2oz -

North of the left road bridge in the middle of the lake.
Found by Bigtimer J.

Jackson - Smallmouth bass - 11lb 6oz

East part of Davidson Hollow.
Found by Magnificent_3000.

Pearl - White crappie - 4lb 14oz

South of Guntersville Harbour boat ramp.

Scottsboro - Muskellunge - 19lb 15oz

North and west of Lindsay Hollow.
Sent in by scrambler2686.

McClellan - Smallmouth Bass - 10lb 10oz

Around Polecat Hollow.

Lake Travis

Frito - Smallmouth bass - 4lb 8oz

In a section near the Colorado River end of the lake.

Oscar - Channel catfish - 16lb 15oz

Towards the north end of the lake.

Claudette - Largemouth bass - 15lb 8oz

Near the southern end of the lake.

Wooly - Longnose gar - 20lb 3oz

Towards the north end of the lake.

Lone Star - Largemouth bass - 15lb 15oz

Near Barrel Hollow.

Houston - Spotted bass - 14lb 2oz

East of Long Hollow.
Caught by Mousaka_H.

Cosmo - Rainbow Trout - 3lb 6oz

North end of the lake.

Maverick - Channel Catfish - 17lb 2oz

Between Broad Hollow and Lime Creek.
Caught by mdgplaysgames.

Goliad - Smallmouth bass - 4lb 10oz

Lime Creek.

Pecos - Spotted bass - 13lb 13oz

East of the bottom right boat ramp.

Lake Miller

Bloomer - Smallmouth bass - 9lb 6oz

Close to Mason Creek.

Mr Green - Northern pike - 38lb 5oz

East of Sunshine Shores.

Madison - Largemouth bass - 12lb 4oz

Around Badger Creek.

Badger - Walleye - 18lb 6oz

Near Miller Marina.

MacArthur - Brown trout - 19lb 2oz

North of Heafford Boat Ramp.

O'Keeffee - Yellow Perch - 4lb 3oz

Close to Wast Town Bay.

Willow - Tiger Muskellunge - 52lb 3oz

North east corner of the lake.

Lake Boulder

Skud - Smallmouth bass - 7lb 10oz

In the Southern Wall area.

Tempest - Chain pickerel - 6lb 8oz

North of Southern Wall.

Cavalier - Largemouth bass - 11lb 14oz

South of Northern Face

Boris - Brown trout - 22lb 60z

In the South Shallows area.

Porthos - Muskie - 73lb 5oz

Just to the west of Darby Boat Ramp.

Bluey - Bluegill - 2lb 10oz

Not far from Tempest's location.

Bofors - Largemouth Bass - 12lb 0oz

Lily Bay.

Patrick - Longnose Gar - 13lb 9oz

Head southeast along the coast from Bob's Marina to the little island.

Lake Johnson

Larry - Largemouth bass - 15lb 6oz

Just off Marsh Point.

Gator - Longnose gar - 30lb 1oz

In the area around Baker's Bay.

Trudy - Yellow perch - 1lb 7oz

Around Lily Shores.

Casey - Chain pickerel - 5lb 6oz

Near the Casey's Cove boat ramp.

Poseidon - Largemouth bass - 15lb 10oz

South part of Baker's Bay

Mockingbird - White crappie - 2lb 12oz

North west of Magnus Island.

Noah - Black crappie - 2lb 9oz

Marsh Point area.
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Where to find trophy fish