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Boss Fish Friday

Here you will find a weekly thread of top tip sheets on how to find and net specific Boss Fish. Boss Fish in The Catch: Carp & Coarse are notorious for being a challenge. You will need all your skill to land one of these monster fish. Bait, Rig, Location & Time of day all play a big factor in how to successfully catch these Boss fish.

The Bull - River Ebro

This week we are kicking things off with The Bull on River Ebro! The Bull along with The Matador are a couple of the hardest fish to catch in the game, which is exactly why we are starting with it.

Blingo - Pearl Lake

Today's Boss Fish is Blingo on Pearl Lake. Don't let Blingo's shiny scales fool you, this fish won't go down without a fight. Blingo can be found allover the lake so you'll need to make sure you have the right equipment.

Stoorworm - Loch Mickle

This Friday we are taking a closer look at Stoorworm the Northern Pike on Loch Mickle. Stoorworm is often seen around the most southern part of the Loch. Be careful though, this Northern Pike packs a punch and will be sure to challenge your skill.

The Matador - River Ebro

For this week’s Boss Fish Friday, we are going back to River Ebro and looking at the hardest fish to catch in the game, The Matador. To catch this Boss, you’ll need to hop on a boat as The Matador is a touch out of reach from the bank.

The Unicorn - Loch Mickle

Today we are looking at The Unicorn on Loch Mickle. This Arctic Char is sure to give you a run for your money once you get it on the line, and you'll know you've caught it once you spot that hooked bottom lip.

Alice - Oxlease

This week's Boss Fish is Alice the Mirror Carp on Oxlease. One of the harder to catch Mirror Carp in the game, this one will have you smiling from ear to ear when you catch her.

Burns - Lock Mickle

Our Christmasy Boss Fish Friday is Burns on Loch Mickle. This Brown Trout is the biggest bully on the loch, will you catch him?

Wiktoria - Jezioro Bestii

New year, new Boss fish. Today we are looking at Wiktoria on Jezioro Bestii. This one is up there as one of our favourite looking fish and is definitely one for the photo album.

Outlaw - Rotterdam

This week you’ll need to put your crime fighting hat on and try to catch the biggest criminal on Rotterdam – Outlaw.

Little hog - Lock Mickle

Today's Boss Fish is Little Hog on Loch Mickle. This muscular chub will not be caught without a fight.

The Tiger - Oxlease

Today we head over to Oxlease to take a closer look at The Tiger. This Ghost Carp has no relation to its feline friends, but it sure fights like one.

Nancy Jo - Pearl Lake

This week we are in the sunny depths of Pearl Lake and Nancy Jo the Jullien's Golden Carp is the fish we are tackling.

Wobbles - Rotterdam

Today we are taking a closer look at Wobbles the Eel on Rotterdam. Using the size 2 hook for this one is going to ensure you're only catching the heavier eels!

Francesco - River Ebro

Swinging over to sunny River Ebro today to get some hints and tips on catching Francesco the chub.

Remi - Jezioro Bestii

Today we head back into the mountains to see how to catch Remi the European Perch. Remi is small but fierce, so make sure you are ready for a fight!

Tall Tale - Oxlease

This week we are hunting Tall Tale, one of three Northern Pike Boss Fish on Oxlease. A tricky one to catch, we recommend putting all three rods to use to catch this one!

Glen - Loch Mickle

We are back on Loch Mickle this week to take a look for Glen the Rainbow Trout. A stunning looking Boss Fish this week, so make sure you share your screenshots with us on our social channels!

Olive - River Ebro

For today's Boss Fish Friday we are taking a look at how to catch Olive the Barbel on River Ebro. A tricky one to catch, we recommend either sunset or night-time for this one!

Ludwik - Jezioro Bestii

Grab your jackets, this week we are heading up into the mountains to Jezioro Bestii. We will be taking a look at how to net Ludwik the Brown Trout! We recommend using all 3 rods for this one.

Gomez - River Ebro

Today we are back in the sun and looking at Gomez the European Perch on River Ebro. We recommend while using the lure you have the other rods set up with some size 8 hooks and bloodworms.

Bonnie - Loch Mickle

We are back with Boss Fish Fridays this week and we are on Loch Mickle! You'll want to crack out the lures for this one and get ready to fish under the stars.

Goblin - Pearl Lake

Today we are on Pearl Lake and hunting for Goblin the Red Pacu! We recommend you setup a peg and using two rods with baits such as Dynamite Source Boilies or catfish pellets, and then a lure on the third rod.

Hazmat - Loch Mickle

Let's take a closer look at Loch Mickle's hazardous Boss Fish, Hazmat. This one's not too far from the launch point so jump in your boat, and head over to the marked spot on the map!

Aqua - River Ebro

This weeks Boss Fish is on the sunny River Ebro. Aqua is going to give you a challenge as you battle it into the net, deadbaits are a great choice for this fearless predator.

Pudgy - Oxlease

Today we are hunting Pudgy on Oxlease. You'll want to head out at Sunset and try several spots as Pudgy moves all round the venue.

Delft - Rotterdam

This weeks Boss Fish Friday is Delft on Rotterdam. You can catch Delft all over the venue and at two different times, so you have plenty of options to hunt this one down!

Phillippa - Loch Mickle

We are heading over to Loch Mickle today to try and find Phillippa the Atlantic Salmon. Make sure to head out at night, you won't have far to travel from the eastern dock.

Aragon - River Ebro

Today's Boss Fish is on River Ebro. Aragon will be an excellent addition to anyone's catch list. You'll want to head out when the sun starts dipping for this one.

Zach - Pearl Lake

This week we're on sunny Pearl lake tracking down the fruit munching dunce that is Zach. You'll want to be out and ready to fish at sunrise, good luck!

Saffron - River Ebro

Today's Boss Fish is Saffron on River Ebro. This Zander has a big appetite, so you'll want to stock up on deadbaits if you want to net this one!

Freckles - Loch Mickle

This weeks Boss Fish Friday goes by the name of Freckles. Freckles is an Artic Char found in Loch Mickle. Freckles is a bit of night out so pack a torch... and probably a snack.
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