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PS4 - Update 20/August/2021

Hello everyone,
We'd like to start again by thanking you all for your patience - particularly our PlayStation 4 players. This has been an especially complex update, and we're working closely with Sony to get you access to your game and Add-ons as soon as we can.
We believe there are two current issues for PlayStation 4: the game crashing when opening routes, and not being able to see your purchased Add-ons/purchased add-ons not appearing in-game.

Game crashes

We hope to have a patch out for this later this evening (subject to testing), but in the meantime, we believe there to be a workaround.
  • Uninstall your game
  • Reinstall your game minus these Add-ons:
  • Rhein-Ruhr Osten
  • BR Class 20
  • BR Class 31
  • LGV Méditerranée
This should enable you to play the Core routes, and for those who have bought the Season Ticket (or Boston Sprinter individually), you should be able to play Boston Sprinter over the weekend.
We will update when and if we're able to patch this evening, at which point you should not experience crashes for any Add-on.


This patch is now live (1.43). If you were experiencing any issues with crashing, we recommend you download this patch at your earliest convenience.
If you are still experiencing issues with being unable to see your Add-ons within the PlayStation Store, or once downloaded them not appearing in game, we've seen some players have success with the following steps, recommended by Sony.
  1. Uninstalling your game and any Add-ons
  2. Restart your console
  3. Reinstall TSW2, which should contain patch 1.43
  4. Download any Add-ons you have available within the Store
We will continue to work with Sony to try to find a solution over the coming days for those unable to see Add-ons in their Store, or downloaded Add-ons not appearing in-game.
Unable to download Add-ons/Downloaded Add-ons not appearing in-game
We've been working with Sony to try to establish the cause of the issue. We are still working on this, and will continue to troubleshoot over the weekend. It's unlikely at this stage this will be solved tonight - but we will update you when we have more details.
In the meantime, we have seen some players able to play by following the steps below:
  1. Uninstall the full game and all content
  2. Reboot the console
  3. Reinstall the content and Add-ons (minus the Add-ons listed above)
Thank you to those players who have been helping us out today, and to all of you for your continued patience.
If you are experiencing any other issues, please head here for a list of solutions, and if that doesn't help, please submit a Support ticket.
Train Sim World
20 Aug
PS4 - Update 20/August/2021